loves dirty habit too


loves dirty habit too

A Radio Joy live broadcast from the Foundry

Valentines Day 2002 Tracey Moberly (then Sanders-Wood) collaborated with Johny Brown producing one of her trademark recycled mobile phone text messages. The exhibition at Shoreditch's Foundry was titled LOVE'S DIRTY HABIT after a Band of Holy Joy song. Another 500 pink and red balloons were released into night sky each with a the 'LOVES' DIRTY HABIT' title, a red suspender belt clip; a mobile phone number along with a request for any finders of the pink and red balloons to text in their LOVE'S DIRTY HABIT'. All senders' texts were exhibited in the anti-room gallery at The Foundry. The new language and future of communication was uppermost in our minds along with throwing a great party. The opening night was a blur of pink and red balloons along with a cocktail of sordid texts, zapped in from the hinterlands of London. Concluding with a great night and a supreme show.

Tracey has has been working on her text message project for over a decade. Continuing to recycle her texts and exhibit them in a variety of mediums. For LOVE'S DIRTY HABIT TOO...Tracey has sent Nicola Jayne Maskrey and Inga Tillere 28 love-lust recycled texts for each day of the valentine month. Jayne and Inga will interpret a random selection of Tracey's early texts from 1999 and latter day 2009 texts visualising and constructing them into a new medium.

The Band Of Holy Joy will play a live set from a collection of songs about to be released called Troubled Sleep... songs inspired by Love's Dirty Habits: Betrayals, lusting, casual sexual murdering that kind of low and grand declasse behaviour... We will want your texts and we want you to attend 7th March is the date 8pm is the time and the Foundry is the place.... 86, Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL On Valentines Day we will issue a number. We want you to use it. (it's 07951608787)

Radio Joy will broadcast the entire evening. The DJ Gavin Martin will spin the songs to keep the night flowing.


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