TUESDAY 10 NOVEMBER 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the far wall STEFAN ROMAN 091110.stefan_new-image-wheel.jpg HARD SHOULDER Vistas and architecture drafted from the point of view of a truck driver. Images that flit by day to day in random fashion, individually caught, captured, distilled and processed in large scale drawings. photomonth_logo.100.gif 091110.Psithurism-72dpi.jpg new art in the library CHRISTOPHER RAINBOW The Cave Wall Sings at The Foundry "This series of works emanates from an extensive period of visits to asylum seekers held in remand at Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre, near Heathrow. The plight of Daniel, a Nigerian detainee fleeing the murderous tendrils of an influential cult, the Ogboni struck a particularly powerful chord. Over months of visits, I was witnessed and shared his fears, crises and friendship as he confronted the dual threats of potential harm through extradition back into his persecutors' hands and the boredom and brutalisation on incarceration in the UK. From creating reportage comic strips and illustration documenting my relationship with Daniel, I have increasingly found myself imagining and visualising his dream, fantasies and memories. This sets up an intriguing paradox - as I try to understand the situation through his eyes by means of creative exploration, I start to create my own fiction." Christopher Rainbow is an artist / illustrator exploring narrative strands through drawing, collage and mural. He is a regular contributor to Blueprint magazine and illustration commissions include works for Lex records, BBC Collective and Barbican. Following a mis-spent youth spent running riot with a spray can in a sleepy seaside town with compadres The Pugilist and Neon Noodle; he formed the Ziko collective with Matt Littler. Their artwork can be seen at www.zikotown.com. By night, he runs howling through the streets of London with a pack of foxes.
WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 09 art event in the basement... ALZIRA - AIDEN MARK - TOBIAS SCHMIDTT 091111.sofia_foundry.jpg new art in the vaults ST & ST 091110.wonderland---st.--st..jpg St. & St. St. & St. is the project name of the two collaborating artists STEPHAN HALTER AND STEPHANIE GERNER. Both were born 1977 in Germany. They live and work in Berlin. In their work they explore hierarchic systems, supervision and standardization as well as stereotypical thinking. For that reason they don't confine themselves to a certain technique or media and always integrate the room as part of their work.
THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER 09 091112.are-you-zine-friendly.gif are you ZINE FRIENDLY? Alternative Press are hosting another awesome evening of Zines, comix, book arts and poetry at our second Zine Friendly event at the foundry, in order to promote our new project, the Zine Friendly Blog! A resource for self-publishers far and wide, it will list venues, promoters, stockists and events that are all "Zine Friendly"! We are inviting small pressers everywhere to come down and promote their own work. For free! All we are asking is that people donate what they can, even a zine or two, to help Alternative Press to keep promoting the scene. There will be communal tables where self publishers can sell their work. Printmakers or those with large work are encouraged to use the walls as a spontaneous temporary free arts space where you can stick up your work DIY style! BYOB (Bring Your Own Blu-tak!) Also, we are inviting some zine distributors to represent as much of what is going on in the scene as we can. We'll be having a cake sale with free tea, Knitting Circle, CD compilation lucky dip (just bring a cd of your own favourite music and take your pick!), free blank zines for you to use and a poetry workshop followed by some performances and a short open mic... Things will kick off at 7pm until around 11pm.
FRIDAY 13 NOVEMBER 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/
SATURDAY 14 NOVEMBER 09 UGLYFUNK 091114.foundry-14-nov-new-flat.gif
SUNDAY 15 NOVEMBER 09 bar floor FLYING CABERET Flying Cabaret with the wonderful Andrew Bailey, NOW, Roshi Ft Pars Radio and Rude Mechanicals. Also DJ sets from Pete Stormcrow and a resident naked man awaiting your suggestions (post them to the link - missroberts@yahoo.co.uk). Starts 6pm, Free. basement AMPERSAND =with= VULTURES WINTERMUTENOISE RYAN JORDAN GRAPH
TUESDAY 17 NOVEMBER 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art in the basement SCRATCH ATTITUDE new art in the library DEVYANI PARMER new art on the bar wall KOBUS new art in the vaults EVI LEMBERGER Ein Nichtort, or The Fairy Tale About the Galoshes of Fortune Photographs from Transcarpathia "Home is a Nonplace. Home is an utopia. You can experience in the most intense way, if you are away and you miss it; the actual homefeeling is the homesickness. And even if you are not away, the homefeeling nourishes itself out of the missing, out of that, which does not anymore or not just yet exist. Because the memory and the longing are turning places into homes." http://evilemberger.co.uk photomonth_logo.100.gif
WEDNESDAY 18 NOVEMBER 09 new art in the stair well MANU with incidental musical entertainment from DISCO_R.DANCE
THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 09 new art in the library DEVYANI PARMAR 091117.paintings-at-foundry-front.jpg 091117.paintings-at-foundry-back.jpg
FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/
SATURDAY 21 NOVEMBER 09 art opening in the basement SCRATCH ATTITUDE 091121.SA3.gif
SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER 09 performance art in the basement GREG CHARLTON Musically influenced visual art All are invited to take part in this free event taking part in the basement of the Foundry on Sunday the 22nd of November, 6:30 start. The idea is that live musicians play and visual artists respond directly to the music. There will be several performances. Please bring your own materials. Any questions please contact grogc@hotmail.co.uk
TUESDAY 24 NOVEMBER 09 new art in the vaults ALEXANDER PIERRE new art on the far wall FRANCIS MEDINA new art in the big room LAURIE, RACHEL et al new art on the bar wall ELINE VAN DEN BOOGAARD 091124.foundryweb1.jpg new art on the stair well REFOCUS We are refocus, a grass roots organisation and part of the Photovoice network projects. We run participatory photography workshops training minority groups and have recently returned from Damascus, Syria after completing our second project in collaboration with UNICEF and are now in the UK planning the exhibition. For more information about refocus please look at http://www.refocusproject.com/index.htm In our recent project we worked with 24 Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian youth. The course used photography to encourage self expression focusing on the subjects of integration, rights and gender equality. The following link shows the participant's profiles and some of their images. http://www.refocusproject.com/home.php After six weeks of training they produced an exhibition of 48 photographs. The exhibition was named 'Bridging the Gap' and was exhibited in Damascus to organisations that are now developing the participants further, tackling the issues raised by the participants in order to advocate necessary change. Please contact us if you have any queries via email or call Amy on 0777 972 9776 or refocusproject@gmail.com
FRIDAY 27 NOVEMBER 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/
TUESDAY 1 DECEMBER 09 new art on the stair well MORAG new art on the far wall SOPHIE COPAGE new art in the vaults ANGELA EDWARDS 01/12/09 - 06/12/09 091201.A.EDWARDS-WEB-FLYER-1.gif "Horror. Horror has a face ... and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared . They are truly enemies." Angela Edwards lives and works in London. She has painted over 150 canvases. This show follows her first solo warehouse exhibition, held in Slough in 2008. 091201.A.EDWARDS-WEB-FLYER-2.gif
TUESDAY 1 DECEMBER 09 new art in on the bar wall HELENA LACKZO
WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER 09 new art in the library DENNIS WALKER opening night 091201.chaoscab.jpg http://www.beingandsomething.wordpress.com
THURSDAY 3 DECEMBER 09 new art in the pink room SARAH NIELSEN 091203.stereo-drone.jpg opening night
THURSDAY 10 DECEMBER 09 art event in the basement PROVO, AUTONOMY, AND LUDIC POLITICS The legendary Dutch anarchist movement Provo staged political and cultural interventions into the symbolic and everyday spaces of Holland from 1965 - 1967. The rise and fall of Provo stretches from early Dutch "happenings" staged in 1962 to the "Death of Provo" in 1967. Although a small group they cast a disproportionately large shadow on the events of the time due to their skillful analysis of social unrest among Dutch youth. By tying their political program to the rich magical heritage of Amsterdam's bohemian subculture they created political street theater that captured the pulse of Amsterdam's population. Come join us to celebrate the release of Provo: Amsterdm's Anarchist Revolt by Richard Kempton, the first book length English history and analysis of Provo. We will be joined by several of the members of Provo including Hans Plomp, Auke Boersma, Luud Schimmelpennink and Nico van Apeldoorn. We will explore the history and activities of Provo, tracing out their legacies and continuing influence in the realm of autonomist politics and ludic interventions in public space.
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