TUESDAY 17 FEBRUARY 09 >>basement A SILENT APOPHANY 090217.Exhib-Poster.560.jpg ALESSANDRO SERVINI CHRISTINA SANDERS ISH RAHMAN >>vaults they're back... BRADFORD BAHAMAS 090217.bradfordbahamastorre.jpg Rejoice with Bradford Bahamas ! Come celebrate with us as we toast the opening of the 21st Century. Everything's free, everything's a copy and every copies just that little bit shi*ter than the source. Look around. Text messages bootleg words, hacking out the letters, til we're left with mystical ciphers of cnsnnt grnts. We spend seconds downloading hundreds of low resolution divX films recorded on a DV camera from the back of a knackered cinema. In the spirit of this bold new age, we will be bootlegging vinyl live for YOU! Using our (patent pending and top secret) Bradfonic resin casting system we will be able to provide you with an appalling quality, but nonetheless playable, slab of resin vinyl, taken from a mould made from whatever record you might chose to bring. Probably best not to bring anything too rare, the Bahamscopic process hasn't damaged a source record yet, but you never know. It'll take about 15 minutes. Enough time for you to play with our stuttering musical monitors and circuit bent toys or, alternatively download 9 unreleased barely recorded mutterings from Eminem to your Blackberry.
WEDNESDAY 18 FEBRUARY 09 new art on the stair well JESS HURD 090217.jess_hurd_Foundryfli.jpg 'I'm a Photographer, Not a Terrorist' First in a series of one photo, one photographer exhibitions by Jess Hurd and friends: Opens Wednesday 18th February From 7pm - On the Stairwell With drinks and debates on the issues Stand Up For Journalism new art on the far wall MISSION to PLANET EARTH 2 my life in a gush of boasts opening night 090218.mtpe2.gif with incidental performance from RUDE MECHANICALS ANDREW BAILEY DAVE RUSSELL SPIKE SPIEGEL >>basement KIRSTY GWATKIN ZOE PITHERS 090218.zoepithers.gif
THURSDAY 19 FEBRUARY 09 >>basement SEVEN ARTISTS, SEVEN SINS 090219.S7AFinal.gif 090219.S7BFinal.jpg 090219.S7CFinal.gif
FRIDAY 20 FEBRUARY 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/ guests include SHAUN DAY (REELNEWS) On what's really been happening in the news JOHN CHRIS JONES with musings from his digital diary BRADFORD BAHAMAS DIY vinyl piracy happening live JESS HURD 'I'm a photographer, not a terrorist' MICHAEL BUCKNELL promoting This is Lagos first festac exhange scholar CHICKE NWAGBOGU Director of Nimbus Arts Centre Lagos CHRIS KNIGHT G20meltdown live performance by SAME ACTOR with intro and outro by GABRIEL KEEN >>basement 4-7PM 090220.mztek-1.gif MZTEK PEER 2 PEER WORKSHOP Customize A WordPress Theme (free) Hey Lady-Techies! We're offering a free workshop covering WordPress theme basics: PHP, CSS, and HTML. For more information on what you'll learn and what to bring, see our site: www.mztek.org. See you there!
SATURDAY 21 FEBRUARY 09 >>basement 3-6.30pm G20MELTDOWN workshops
SUNDAY 22 FEBRUARY 09 090222.sunra.jpg "I have many names. Some call me Mr. Ra. Some call me Mr. Re. Some call me Mr. Mystery" 8.00 SORAYA 8.30-9.30 WELCOME TO WORMRWORLD open mic poetry sign up by 8 >>basement 3-6.30pm G20MELTDOWN workshops 6.30-8.30pm REELNEWS 090222.gaza-e-flyer.jpg
TUESDAY 24 FEBRUARY 09 new art in the vaults EMMA DOUBELL new art in the library AMON ZERO new art on the bar wall TAVAKOLI >>:basement 090224.feeman.fm3.700.gif WHY DOESN'T OUR COUNTRY WORK ANYMORE? John Harris, Freeman on the Land, who is in Lawful Rebellion, will be sharing his experiences that challenges British history, The Police, the Courts and the many Statutes and Acts in the UK, which he says are imposed on people unlawfully and reflects on the everyday issues we're all facing today: - Governance with no accountability - - Needless and mystifying taxation - - Too many charges and fines from - - Police, corporations and Councils - - The rise of the 'Nanny State' - John and many others in this Country have taken action and now live in Lawful Rebellion, peacefully hindering the progress of the Government and he wants to share their experiences with you. The presentation will detail: - Political and Royal history - - The Magna Carta - - The Police and contracting - - Jurisdiction of Common Law Vs Statute Law - - The Court system - - Lawful Rebellion - - Questions and answers - About John Harris, Freeman on the Land John Harris is a mere carpenter by trade, but made history in the legal system by being the first man in the United Kingdom to create and send Lawful Affidavits to the effect of denying governance and all taxation by invoking 'Lawful Rebellion' under article 61 of the Magna Carta. What has followed is an increasing level of support from men and women all over the world who seek a wider perspective on the current situation to live a better life. John is ready to give people his formidable philosophy to those who have decided, finally, that enough is enough. To find out more information into lawful rebellion and to learn the real truth about the history of this Country, John will be talking on: 24th February 2009 at 8pm, doors open at 7.30pm please contact us to reserve a seat. Visit the website at: http://www.tpuc.org
WEDNESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 09 New art in the Library - AMON ZERO "And I Was The Result Of Their Coupling" An exploration of magical ritual and virtual space. XYKOGEN (http://www.xykogen.com) will be playing a special, one-off experimental set at The Foundry on Wednesday, February 25th. The band will play material written especially for the evening, for exactly one hour from 9pm, and the event will be recorded. The show is designed to accompany an art exhibition by Amon Zero, the opening of which will be from 7-11pm. Come along, enjoy the weirdness, and get your drunken ravings recorded for posterity! Free entry, ROAR. >>basement 090225.DSC01866.jpg PORTRAITS [Five Hive] Krystle Nolan-James Gabriel Guevara Louise Beer Stephen Morgan Sarah Hull
THURSDAY 26 FEBRUARY 09 new art in the vaults PANIC ROOM 090226.PANIC-ROOM-FLYER.580.jpg An architectural installation within The Foundry, Panic Room transforms the space with meticulous constructions. Working with the geographical specifics of this site, the piece enables the viewer to interact both physically and visually with the environment. Elements of sound, light and smell are combined to form a sensory journey. Viewing this work is an active experience; one must move through and negotiate the space. Themes of reality and perception are explored. We will assess whether apprehensions informed by the senses are more emotional than intellectual. The collective comprises Joanne Chandler, Claire Chapman, Laura Davies, Emma Doubell, Jonathan Hardwick, Estefania Martinez, Matilda Power, Adam Vass and Mark Walker students at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London. 27-28 February 2009 4.30-11pm private view 7-11pm 26 February
FRIDAY 27 FEBRUARY 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/ guests include MARTYN WARE (Heaven 17 / Human League) CHRIS WATSON (wildlife sound artist, formerly Caberet Voltaire) PHOTINI PHILIPPIDOU music by MIKE WALTER and LOL COXHILL >>vaults PANIC ROOM
SATURDAY 28 FEBRUARY 09 >>vaults PANIC ROOM 090226.pagesforpratos#83BB4.jpg
SUNDAY 01 MARCH 09 >>basement PLAIN JANE'S 090301.PJmarch_v3.gif Welcome to the world of the 'Plain Janes' where cultural explosions are permitted and artistic surprises lurk around the corner. A night inspired by Cecil Castellucci's graphic novel of the same name, the 'Plain Janes shall provide you with a monthly book club, showcases of art, theater, film shorts, animation and music from young and emerging artists. A night where you don't just see art, you create it too. This March well be paying homage to the concept of Daylight saving. Seeing as well be losing one hour of sleep come march, we wanted to pay ode to all things connected to time, light and good old sleep. So join us on the 1st of March where youll be invited to sleep with strangers, make jewelry from broken watches, hear Poetry from the amazing Clarissa Pabi and Sian Robins-Grace, monologues from Nari Blair Maganat, David Chrysanthou, plus music from the Last Brothers of Krypton and Luke*SSD. Not forgetting our poetic host Dbb'l yoo Just make sure you join us and don't miss out!!!! Lots of Love The Plain Janes
TUESDAY 03 MARCH 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the far wall MARY CINQUE 090303.enrica-2.jpg GIRAMONDO: A TOWN'S VISION >> basement Michael Glover Peter Daniels Marius Kociejowski invite you to the official inauguration of

The Bow-Wow Shop

an international poetry forum http://www.bowwowshop.org.uk 7.30 pm onwards BAR * LIVE POETS * POLYSYLLABICS * WORD-JUGGLING * POLEMIC FROM THE FLOOR
WEDNESDAY 04 MARCH 09 new art in the vaults 090304.turbulence-2.jpg TURBULENCE IN THE VAULTS with five artists opening night special guiest DISCODELIRIUM ADVENTURES DUBRASIVE from http://www.wirelessfm.net
THURSDAY 05 MARCH 09 090305.TavakoliFlyer5#83BB8.jpg
FRIDAY 06 MARCH 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/ guest include THE WORM LDAY worm poet MICHAEL GLOVER poet and art critic music interludes by XYKOGEN Xykogen are a London based techno-industrial band, who will be exploring their experimental side in a few brief excerpts from a live set planned for The Foundry on Wednesday February 25th. You can download their music for free from http://www.xykogen.com
TUESDAY 10 MARCH 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the bar wall GERRY ASHLEC new art in the library ALEX WIDDOWSON 090310.DSCF0830.jpg The video art of Alex Widdowson explores transitional states of consciousness. His work shows moments when the mind moves between perception of the external world to an internal landscape of imagination and thought. We find ourselves in a land without terrain, where only the processes of psyche exist. new art in the vaults LOWDOWN 090310.low_down.550.jpg
FRIDAY 13 MARCH 09 12-1PM tune in to... THE FOUNDRY LATE LATE BREAKFAST SHOW broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com archives on http://www.sanderswood.com/radio/ today's guest include JOHN SINCLAIR beat poet
TUESDAY 17 MARCH 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the far wall CLUSTER FITS 090317.CLUSTER-FITS.gif new art on the stair well JESSICA JANE CHARLESTON SEX ON THE STAIRS 090317.Squeak-1.jpg SQUEAK
TUESDAY 24 MARCH 09 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the bar wall DANIEL JAMIESON 090324.DSC00253.jpg
WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 09 >>baseent from 7.15pm OPENNED 090325.openned-poster2.jpg MARCH READING Sean Bonney Alex Davies Amy DeAth Jim Goar Lucy Harvest Clarke Redell Olsen John Sparrow Keston Sutherland
SUNDAY 29 MARCH 09 060129.bailey.biglove3.jpg 8.00-8.30 ANDREW BAILEY STAND UP "an endearing yet deeply disconcerting performance artist whose dislocated sense of fun seems to come from a different planet" -william cook gaurdian guide
TUESDAY 14 APRIL 09 new art on the far wall SETH new art on the stair well JOHN TILSON The installation is an arangement of three A1 landscape pieces called 'yin and yang with grey scaling'. It is a visual display of man and nature in antithesis and in harmony: with the garden as the halfway house between artifice and what man is born into. The opening night (Wednesday the 22nd of April) brings together the talents of film makers, comedians, poets and musicians under the careful tour guidance of a science-geek musician, comedian-compare.
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