TUESDAY 09 DECEMBER 08 new art in the library... CHRISTINA MARIGNOLI 081210.hackneygrey.jpg
WEDNEDAY 10 DECEMBER 08 >> basement OPENNED 081210.openned-triptych-3-web2.jpg The final Openned reading before Christmas takes place on Wednesday 10th December at 7.15pm in the basement of The Foundry, London, EC2 Featuring: Edward Nesbit Holly Pester Cole Swensen Stephen Willey More TBA & the final extract from Openned's video interview with Allen Fisher Admission is free. http://www.openned.com
THURSDAY 11 DECEMBER 08 one-day show in the basement... SECOND GALLERY 081211.pl-2.jpg Michal Kopaniszyn - http://www.kopa.tv Bartosz KA APTECZKA Music - http://www.myspace.com/bartekka Matylda Salajewska - http://www.myspace.com/skinkace Milosz Wnukowski Potfur - http://monstfur.digart.pl/digarty/ Maciej Kwasniewski - http://www.myspace.com/maciejkwasniewski Madej - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1WNwfhSimk Marta Kapuscik - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVBeTFkNjqs Dominika Kieruzel - http://www.myspace.com/chrysantemum_99 -- pozrawiam, Bartosz KA ------------------------ http://www.myspace.com/bartekka new art on the bar wall.. 081209.final-cut.jpg AMANDA CANNON http://www.agirlcannon.com
FRIDAY 12 DECEMBER 08 tune in to the Foundry Late Late Breakfast show Resonance 104.4FM 12-1PM archive on Tracey's website... http://www.sanderswood.com/radio
SATURDAY 13 DECEMBER 08 DJ sets... HOT CITY THORSTEN SIDEB0ARD SPATIAL http://www.highpointlowlife.com/
SUNDAY 14 DECEMBER 08 >> bar floor 8.30-9.30PM WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry before and after DJs PETE STORMCROW, LOUISE+1 live SORAYA >> basement REEL FILM SCREENINGS REELNEWS 6.00PM The latest issue includes "The Legacy of the Black Panthers", featuring new interviews with minister for culture and revolutionary artist Emory Douglas; head of the black panther alumni Billy X Jennings; ex-central committee member David Hilliard; and ex-manager of the great Detroit band MC5 and founder member of the White Panther Party, John Sinclair. PLUS the MIscarriages of Justice Organisation, the United Friends and Family March, Charlie Ryder's one man play "Prison?", the global financial crisis as we publicise the first protests in the city, and Brukman, Argentina - clothing factory under workers control..... REELMEXICO 7.30PM ON THE ROAD WITH MARUCH A Film by Florian Walter (2008) (40 mins) This anthropological documentary takes us into the world of the indigenous woman Maruch de la Cruz Perez. Maruch is a 35-year-old, unmarried woman from Chiapas, Mexico who rarely travels but loves to explore other cultures and learn from them. As she embarks on a journey through Chiapas her dilemma unfolds; she is restrained by the traditions of her village Zinacantan on the one hand, but yet marginalised by wider Mexican society which subjects her to racism and sexism while travelling. Roadtripping through Chiapas with Maruch and the film crew offers an insight into the culture and society of a post war region, while giving an intimate portrait of an indigenous woman who is trying to live a self-determined life; one which will give her freedom from the traditions of her community, her former husband, and the terror of paramilitary groups. http://www.visual-anthropology.fu-berlin.de/staff/walter/index.html LUMBER AND MURDER MEXICO Oaxaca, Mexico: A docu-short by Jason N. Parkinson (15mins) The film will look at the story of the indigenous Zapotec people of the San Miguel AloAipam and how this one battle for land and human rights echoes wider political struggle of the people of Oaxaca, Mexico. The community has suffered brutal attacks due to their refusal to accept mass-scale logging of the surrounding forests, often by interests linked to international companies and members of NAFTA. The neighbouring pro-logging community of San Miguel Isidro has prospered through jobs with the lumber companies and are accused of becoming paramilitaries, hired killers to force the people of San Miguel AloAipam from their land. Payment for a contract killing can be as little as a single bottle of booze. The struggle of San Miguel AloAipam is the struggle of all Mexico as a whole as some of the most sought after natural resources in Central America lay under the feet of the indigenous communities. In order to access them the state and multinational corporations are complicit in their repression, using the ruse of the war on drugs to justify violence and murder in return for corporate contracts and military funding. http://jasonnparkinson.blogspot.com
TUESDAY 16 DECEMBER 08 one-day exhibition in the basement 081216.Flyer-new-1.gif new art on the far wall.. MAJA RADESIC 081216.a_sober_night.jpg I paint my phobia - fear of stuffed animals. The stillness of the stuffed animal, their glass eyes and the scars present the moment of horror induced by human power play which by butcher's 'technique' build hunting trophies for their homes, restaurants and social clubs. I place my objects under cover of the dark night, to describe the fate of the animals dictated by the overpowering human species. I want to overcome that fear through something pleasant and joyful - painting. The Nature is drawn using geometrically strong lines which mimicks computer algorithm compression. Digital 'filtered' imagery is here to revoke the unnatural state of the stuffed animals. Colors have carton-ish suggestions primarily red which in conjunction with 'sewing scars' comments on 'blood empty' state of the animals. http://www.mazard.co.uk new art on the stair well... DANNY POCKETS
FRIDAY 19 DECEMBER 08 XMAS DISCO_R.DANCE : PART 1 a little appetizer for Saturday night..... DJs: PETE STORMCROW + DANCON1 PHIL SUMMIT / PROPHANE / LOUISE +1 http://myspace.com/discordnce also.. tune in to the Foundry Late Late Breakfast show Resonance 104.4FM live from the bar - 12-1PM archive on Tracey's website... http://www.sanderswood.com/radio
SATURDAY 20 DECEMBER 08 XMAS DISCO_R.DANCE : PART 2 081220.dec2008.jpg Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1 host a seasonally-inclined session of electronic goodness..... LIVE SETS FROM : MOTHBOY / BLAUBAC / T-TOE VISUALS : PHATOMSCH / disco_r.dance http://www.myspace.com/simonmothboy http://www.myspace.com/blaubac http://www.myspace.com/terryttoe http://www.myspace.com/discordnce meanwhile, instant download for your seaconal listening pleasure... PETE STORMCROW'S BUBONIC XMAS MIX http://www.divshare.com/download/6028884-b60
TUESDAY 06 JANUARY 09 new art in the library JOANNA SAWICKA 090106.dont-go-there-kopia.jpg Don't go there. Club Hell in photography
THURSDAY 08 JANUARY 09 JOANNA SAWICKA opening night CLUB HELL IN THE LIBRARY You better don't go there. Special Feature: photography supported by music DEAD HORSE FOR SALE WIDOWS DJ- NAKED GOAT http://www.myspace.com/deadhorseforsale http://www.myspace.com/widows
TUESDAY 27 JANUARY 09 new art in the library RENATO LARINI WAR IS OVER YOU http://www.antifonia.com.br/video/showreel.mov http://www.flickr.com/photos/larini/ http://www.youtube.com/antifonia http://en.eyeka.com/users/antifonia
TUESDAY 10 MARCH 09 new art in the library ALEX WIDDOWSON 090310.DSCF0830.jpg The video art of Alex Widdowson explores transitional states of consciousness. His work shows moments when the mind moves between perception of the external world to an internal landscape of imagination and thought. We find ourselves in a land without terrain, where only the processes of psyche exist.
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