SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 07 5-8 Appointment of the Prebendary of Eald [Old] Street "A Friern Barnet vicar is to gain an honorary title in recognition of his long service to the Diocese of London. The Rev Adrian Benjamin, of All Saints Church, in Oakleigh Road North will be named the Prebendary of Eald Street at a ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral this month" Following his appointment at the cathedral, the Rev Adrian Benjamin and friends will be celebrating at the Foundry on Old Street. Incidental Entertainment will be provided. 8 -10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry 8-10pm
TUESDAY 16 OCTOBER 07 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT 071016.CNV00011_0001_resize.jpg new art on the far wall BENJAMIN GLEAN 071016.P1020347.jpg new art in the library SOPHIE ADAMS 071016.sophie.jpg [[haitian woman]] new art in the vaults CHOT FREER 071016.ChotFreer.2.jpg Welcome to the autumn of artifice - The beautiful strangers will include: a teenage tragic love affair, a secret garden, a baby fly and a fortune teller.
SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER 07 8 -10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry 8-10pm
TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER 07 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the far wall TANIA HOUGHTON new art on the stair well DANIELLE HIGGINS 071023.520.jpg
WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER 07 new installation in the vault SLOSHED video with soundtrack in cage. all sounds and images derived form dripping liquids (all sounds are from a single drop of water) opening night with FLYING CABERET poetry and performance >> basement COMEDY NIGHT with Roddy McDevitt
THRUSDAY 25 OCTOBER 07 071024.cyclones-launch-emai.gif








SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 07 DISCO_R.DANCE 071027.octaninew.gif Dancon1 & Pete Stormcrow presents... Live sets from Liam Bailey, Ommm, Xylitol, Kwerk in the main bar. Guest dj set from Fronce De Bonque Downstairs Walter & Sabrina will be launching their new Danny Dark Records release "We Sing For The Future" with live sets from Stefano Tedesco Skitanja. They will also be showing films by Sabrina, Kompleksi and Spul. On Saturday 27th October 2007 Danny Dark Records will be showing films and presenting live music downstairs at the Foundry as part of Sat 27th October, 9-12pm downstairs at The Foundry (84-86 Great Eastern Street London EC2) Admission: FREE FILMS by Sabrina (Walter & Sabrina) and Kompleksi/Spul Films of Finland/Australia LIVE MUSIC from Stefano Tedesco's SOLARIS and SKITANJA Links Kompleksi: Tina Ulevik/Spul Films: Stefano Tedesco: Skitanja: Buy "We Sing For The Future" online at See October's The Wire and Rock a Rolla magazines for articles on Walter & Sabrina.
TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 07 new exhibition in the basement CAMP FOR CLIMATE CHANGE 071030.climateCamp.gif It was August 12th - just before midnight - when climate change activists took over a piece of land at Sipson and started to build Climate Camp 2007. With access roads blockaded by police, hundreds of people carried everything they needed to build a self sustaining village in the shadow of Heathrow. Then for ten days concentrated the attention of the world's press on the stupidity of planning air expansion on a threatened planet. The Climate Camp exhibition documents in sound, words, installations and images the life, workshops and direct action of those ten days. It examines the issues and thinking of people who seek to stop the world sleep-walking into a disaster that is manifestly preventable, but hugely profitable for a powerful few. Opening at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street EC2 on Tuesday 30th October at 7pm the exhibition runs until 4th November before touring UK cities threatened by regional airport expansion. Workshops, talks and film screenings will appear at as they are confirmed. Photographs from the show are a selection from those to be seen at For further details mail mini_mouse[at] or call Mike on 07878 892486?
WEDNESDAY 01 NOVEMBER 07 >>basement CAMP FOR CLIMATE CHANGE CREATIVE RESISTANCE TO CLIMATE CHANGE Short presentations on creative direct actions and artistic projects against climate change will be followed by a participatory workshop. Everyone is welcome to stay along after for drinks, chats or planning!
THURSDAY 02 NOVEMBER 07 >>basement CAMP FOR CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CAMP: THE INSIDE STORY. Speeches and film direct from those who were there - music, drinking and chatting 'til late.
TUESDAY 13 NOVEMBER 07 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art in the basement CHARLOTTE MACMILLAN WHAT NOT TO SHARE 071113.lily_allen2.jpg The What Not To Share campaign celebrates a year of raising awareness in young people to the dangers of transmitting hepatitis C with a major exhibition of Charlotte MacMillan’s portraits. 35 portraits taken over the past year will be exhibited featuring key celebrity supporters including: Sadie Frost, Pete Doherty & Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, Kano, Roots Manuva, Johnny Marr, Lily Allen, Rufus Wainwright, Kevin Roland, Jack Davenport, James Lavelle and Alan McGee. 071113.Pete2.jpg Hepatitis C is a highly destructive disease. It can be transmitted by piercing, tattoos, transfusion, injection, sharing toothbrushes or razors, dental work and, sharing notes to snort drugs. It attacks the liver and can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. It is responsible for 50-75% of liver cancers and it is currently a bigger killer in the West than HIV. new art on the bar wall DAN SIMON 071113.theden.jpg The subject of continued controversy, the London rickshaw trade has changed the face of late night Soho. But behind the media stories and the court cases, the international community of workers – a broad mix of people from students to inveterate wanderers – have rarely been exposed. Seen through the eyes of a former rider, The London Rickshaw Riders brings into focus an extraordinary sub-culture where the streets of the West End play out to a nightly hunt for reward and accommodation is won by the physical acquisition of abandoned properties.
TUESDAY 27 NOVEMBER 07 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art in the library MARK WYDLER (until Sunday 9 December) 071127.wydler.jpg My paintings ask questions about the nature of consciousness. They look at how concepts of consciousness can be represented, the ways different cultures have found to understand and show it, and their and our attitudes towards the consciousness of other living things.
SATURDAY 01 DECEMBER 08 NOISE = NOISE Noise performances/experimental music/visuals/sounds///from : FAMILY BATTLE SNAKE SPAX JAMKA ELITE BARBARIAN DAN MERRILL FEXIA KRGN PIXELPUSHER and a special physical computing dance project by RYAN JORDAN, TAMON MIYAKITA, CLAIRE KEATING and DAVE CORBETT.
TUEDAY 08 JANUARY 08 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT 080108.Librarian3.jpg new art on the bar wall CAROLYN CURTIS MAGRI DURABLE GELLO - THE LIBRARIAN A series of watercolours based on words and poems sent to the artist from Chicago by artists from The Grand Order of the Lamprey. The work was digitally photographed, emailed to the US and exhibited as projections, shown on a computer or printed out and distributed there.
WEDNESDAY 05 MARCH 08 new art on the bar wall TABITHA KNIGHT opening night, with incidental music provided by the artist 080305.Slide004.jpg
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