SUNDAY 15 JULY 07 8 -10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry 8-10pm
TUESDAY 17 JULY 07 new art on the stair well MARIA BAPTISTA new art on the far wall CHRISTINA SUMMERS open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
WEDNESDAY 18 JULY 07 MARIA BAPTISTA CHRISTINA SUMMERS exhibition opening night 070719.SummersFlyerWeb.jpg
SUNDAY 22 JULY 07 8 -10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry 8-10pm
TUESDAY 24 JULY 07 new art on the bar wall YOLANDE LETSHOV 070724.yolande.jpg new art in the library ALINE DURIAUD 070724.cantstop.gif open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
WEDNESDAY 25 JULY 07 ZINE LAUNCH a literary event 070725.savagemessiah.jpg SAVAGE MESSIAH 77777777777777777 NIGHT DRIFT THROUGH BABYLON: Tracing the path of the lost River Walbrook ???????????????????? Stop the city riots, Masonic geometry, radical history, 24 hour cafs, the search for clandestine smoking dens and more???????????. ?Five miles meandering with a mazy motion Through wood and dale the sacred river ran, Then reach?d the caverns measureless to man, And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean.? S.T.Coleridge On Wednesday 25th of July ,7-11pm,the Savage Messiah collective will be be presiding over the Foundry, Great eastern street, London EC2 to celebrate the release of issue 7 of fabled,cult zine SAVAGE MESSIAH by LAURA OLDFIELD FORD.Issue 7 focuses on the E8 postal district and encompasses Hackney town hall storming, Narrow way poll tax disturbances, attacks on Yuppiedromes, Lidl shopping riots AND romantic encounters in abandoned Olympic velodromes (c 2013). There will be zine signings, music, revelry and plotting. ????????????.then at closing time (11.30pm) the masses will assemble outside the pub for a NIGHT DRIFT THROUGHT BABYLON. The SAVAGE MESSIAH will facilitate a drift through the City of London attempting to trace the path of the hidden River Walbrook. The Savage Messiah employs the tactic of psychogeography to expose the repressed desires of the city. The Savage Messiah seeks out nomadic architecture, transient architecture, places that can slip out of sight, re emerge and reconfigure elsewhere. Savage messiah drifts through the city in defiance of panoptican surveillance,seeking out places that do not exist on official maps, she roams through a maze of bolt holes, alleys and sites that slip through the net. The Savage Messiah gravitates towards settlements and reconfigurations of forms that become an outward manifestation of nomadic subjectivities. Savage messiah welcomes participants to this walk to join a collective cognitive mapping of the city and hopes that stories, anecdotes, drawings, ideas generated on the route will become part of the next issue of the zine. ! VIVA SAVAGE MESSIAH ! SAVAGE MESSIAH DEMANDS THE ABOLITION OF ALL ZONES!! DESTROY CARTESIAN RHETORIC, SMASH THE VILLE RADIEUSE, SAVAGE MESSIAH IS CALLING FOR A MASS RETURN TO THE LABYRINTH!!! Bring pens, chalk, battered cassette recorders, booze.
THURSDAY 26 JULY 07 the foundry welcomes LONDON'S CALLING 2007 couriers of the world unite...
FRIDAY 27 JULY 07 the foundry welcomes LONDON'S CALLING 2007
SUNDAY 29 JULY 07 8 -10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry 8-10pm
TUESDAY 31 JULY 07 new art on the far wall ALAIN BRESSAN open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
WEDNESDAY 01 AUGUST 07 >>basement OPENNED 070801.Openned-teaser.gif
TUESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 07 open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art in the stair well VINCENT CHERIB D I S A S T E R R E C O V E R Y 070911.Flyer-Foundry.jpg
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