WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH ATIS REZISTANS THE SCULPTORS OF GRAND RUE Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 070321.clip_image001.2.jpg
THURSDAY 22 MARCH >> vaults new art in the vaults by RACHEL WARRINER opening night >> basement 070322.event_63247.jpg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE LONDON GRAPHIC DESIGN LIVING ROOM open meetup for Graphic Designers and Creatives in London - all welcome phone: 07908 851253 e-mail: web site: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HI GRAPHIC DESIGNERS & CREATIVES IN LONDON & ELSEWHERE, - Do the daily new challenges of your job go on your nerves? - Are you annoyed by your colleagues reasoning about a typeface or colour for more than 37 minutes? ... sorry for those trying to make headway while hanging out with each other? ... immersed in anything else but design after 5 o'clock pm? Well, in this case, hopefully you're at least on a decent salary. As for everybody else, be invited and very welcome to join THE LONDON GRAPHIC DESIGN LIVING ROOM for an informal and laidback MeetUp every month. We think, us creatives should stick together and not hold back our secret tips. Each of us has their own original way of operating anyway. So what are we waiting for? Get in touch with the others to swap addresses & contacts, skills, ideas & information, experiences & stories, or just have a good time with some like-minded company and discover, that graphic designers are actually nice people, too - like you and me. If you have any questions, please call me under 07908 851253 or send an e-mail to 070322.event_153664.jpg
TUESDAY 27 MARCH open keyboard PIANO NIGHT >>basement, all week... 070327.illusions_A5[1].jpg ILLUSIONS OF DISEMPOWERMENT 5 day mini-festival of documentary films, photos and talks on activism from the Global South 27th - 31st March 2007 A Solidarity not Charity event A 5 day festival of positive empowered images of the Global South i.e. activists and communities fighting for global justice to challenge the negative portrayal in the western world of people from "developing countries" as powerless victims. There will be an exhibtion of photography from the World Social Forums in Kenya and India, documentary films about global issues showing grassroots activism from the Global South most made by Black and Asian film makers. There will also be speakers/talks every evening and a music event. Free entry but any solidarity contributions from the events and all sales of photography will go to an organisation called Habiba International a Kenyan Women's Human Rights organisation fighting against FGM and rape in remote patoral areas of Kenya, that desperately need a vehicle to rescue abused women and children and rape victims. Full list of events to come shortly on Contact:
WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH new art on the stair well IZABELA BOCHENKO opening night >>basement ILLUSIONS OF DISEMPOWERMENT A Taste of the World Social Forums in Kenya and India Reports on and analysis of the WSF in Kenya and surrounding events that took place in January 2007 from activists that attended. Views on the future of the WSF and ways forward for global activism. Photographs of from the WSF Kenya and India on display. Films: Foootage of the WSF in Nairobi Kenya 2007 The World Social Forum - Feminist Perspectives (The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, 2004) A comprehensive documentation of the World Social Forum in Mumbai India in 2004 focusing on female activism and gender issues the film also gives an overview of and captures many other issues and social movements represented at the forum. Rumble in Mumbai (Jawad Metni, 2004)(tbc) This film documents the World Social forum held in Mumbai, India in 2004. over 100,000 people attended the forum, all looking to build solidarity - and a better world. Featuring interviews with Shirin Ebadi, Jose Bove, and Walden Bello, as well as the eloquent speeches of Arundhati Roy, Mustafe Barghouti, Jeremy Corbyn, and Irene Khan, Rumble in Mumbai is packed with high-caliber critiqes of neo-liberalism gone awry, and damning indictments of the ill effects of globalisation. As with the forum itself, marginalized voices were given a platform here. Speakers: Firoze Manji (Fahamu), James O'Nions (Radical Activist Network), Speaker about the People's parliament in Kenya (tbc)
THURSDAY 29 MARCH 070329.fuzzyflyer.gif >> basement ILLUSIONS OF DISEMPOWERMENT Women and Human Rights, Building Global Solidarity Fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), rape and physical abuse of women and children. Films: Beautiful as Butterflies (Julia Landou, S Africa, 2005) about the healing preocess of four formerly abused women from poor communities through Kundalini yoga and creative arts. Three of the women are literacy learners. Its inspiring to see what they do. It breaks down stereotypes and promotes discussion around the topic of healing and abuse. Passengers: A video journey in Gujerat (Nooh Nizami and Akanksha Joshi, India, 2003) It's a record spanning over a year and a half, of people who have survived one of the worst failures of state machinery since the partition. And of the people who were never victims, but who chose to care for those who are. It is a record of Ahmedabad's past and present. More importantly, it is a record that needs to be set straight. Women on the Run (Kenya, 2005) (tbc) Speakers: Zoe (Concious Cinema) introducing the film Passengers, Pauline Ontieno-Skaper (Rainbo)(tbc), Melanie Alfonso (Solidarity Not Charity) on Habiba International
FRIDAY 30 MARCH Communities take on Multinational Corporations \ From Kerala to Papua New Guinea to South Africa local people are uprising against corporate power and winning. Films: The Bitter Drink Kaippu Neeru (26mins, P. Baburaj and C Saratchandran, India, 2003) A film on the adivasi struggle against Coca-cola in Plachimada, Kerala. The film documents the informative days of a David and Goliath battle. The people of Plachimada, the majority of them tribals, launched a struggle against one of the most powerful corporations in the world - Coca Cola. The Coconut Revolution (Bougainville Story) (Dom Rotheroe, 2001) This is the modern-day story of a native peoples' remarkable victory over Western Colonial power. A Pacific island rose up in arms against giant mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) - and won despite a military occupation and blockade. When RTZ decided to step up production at the Panguna Mine on the island of Bougainville, they got more than they bargained for. The island's people had enough of seeing their environment ruined and being treated as pawns by RTZ. The Orange Farm Water Crisis (Concious Cinema) A powerful short film on the Anti-Privatisation Forum in South Africa fighting against the privatisation of water services and against the Suez a French water company. Speakers: John Hilary (Campaigns Director War on Want), Campaign Against Coca-Cola India (tbc), speaker on the Anti-Privatisation Forum (tbc)
SATURDAY 31 MARCH Environmental Activism in the Global South Films: Words on Water (Sanjay Kak, India, 2003) A film that explores the struggle of the people of the Narmada Valley against the big dams that threaten to submerge their lands and displace them from their homes, traditions and cultures. Kak's new film joins the growing filmic documentation of the struggle of the people of the Narmada Valley against the big dams that threaten to submerge their lands, displace them from their homes and slowly but surely, cut them off from their traditions and their cultures. A short documentary on the Green Belt Movement in Kenya (tbc) Footage about the Green Belt Movemnt in Kenya and its founder environmental political activist Wangari Maathai, includes footage of activist demonstrations in Kenya. Speakers: Green Belt Movement(tbc) Acoustic Music Night, Saturday 31st March: Acoustic music night after the film showings to end the festival. With performances from the amazingly talented Joseph Aquilina (Melodic, Emotive and Universal are three words used together in describing his music having been compared with the likes of Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake. See and more artists to be added shortly. A beautiful night is being lined up not to be missed!
TUESDAY 03 APRIL open keyboard PIANO NIGHT >> basement 070403.WendalenaLive.gif LIVE PAINTING by WENDALENA with INCIDENTAL accompaniment by Steve Moyes, Evrah and others
TUESDAY 17 APRIL open keyboard PIANO NIGHT 070417.pinkladee-fin.jpg
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