WEDNESDAY 13 DECEMBER >> bar floor THE BUTCHERS DOG 061213.butchersdog.gif >> one-day art festival in the basement 061213.lara-c.gif PANIC ROOM There aren't any pessimists, there are only realist and liars. One day only art event. Lara Cavagna Ernest Zachavevic Greg Hart Naz A. Karam Terry Price Tanja Schumann
THURSDAY 14 DECEMBER open till midnight >> basement LIVE PERFORMANCE 061214.irrepressibles.jpg NARF and THE IRREPRESSIBLES 061214.narf.jpg THE IRREPRESSIBLES - 10 piece orchestra NARF - Fran Perez - is one of the most peculiar figures coming out from the emerging Galician speaking music scene
FRIDAY 15 DECEMBER open till midnight bar floor HIGHPOINT LOWLIFE + SLOW SOUND SYSTEM highpoint lowlife christmas party, at our first ever london home, and fav bar ever - the foundry on old street. its a joint thing between hpll and the slow sound system. its gonna be a laid back affair with us just pretty much playing all our fav tunes ... there will also be a live show by fisk industries and probably whoever else isn't too drunk! basement PROJECT X 061215.projectx.gif DJs FLUX, Phil DeepJoy, Twisted Jay and more...
SATURDAY 16 DECEMBER foundry xmas party dress code: red
SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER open till midnight >> bar floor 8.30-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry hosted tonight by VIZ the SPOON preceded and followed by SPOON on the decks and NITIN on keyboards and monitors >> basement THE FOUR CORNERED UNIVERSE NIGEL BURCH - Existential Ukelele Imrovised Flute from NEIL METCALFE PAUL HILL AND DYLAN BATES perform Kurt Schwitters PIMLICO Improvisations from IAN MCLACHLAN AND STEVE CLARKE + Lots of visual art from GEOFF MOWLEM and FRIENDS art viewing from 6 performances from 7.30
TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER open keyboard PIANO NIGHT new art on the far wall ZIYEONG KONG
WEDNESDAY 20 DECEMBER new art in the basement MANU opening night with PETE STORMCROW and DANCON1 providing some incidental background music
SUNDAY 06 JANUARY 07 060129.bailey.biglove3.jpg 8.00-8.30 ANDREW BAILEY STAND UP "an endearing yet deeply disconcerting performance artist whose dislocated sense of fun seems to come from a different planet" -william cook gaurdian guide 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
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