SUNDAY 11 JUNE 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 13 JUNE 06 new art in the library JO LANDAU 060613.venus.jpg open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE 06 new art in the vaults EUNJOO CHONG
THURSDAY 15 JUNE 06 new art in the basement 060615.part2ism3.jpg THINKING WITH THE BOX You are invited to witness the delivery of a 'unique' installationi, designed and delivered by the disposable 'cut out' graffiti art pioneer Mr. Part 2. This event will also be issued with an exclusive 20 minute performance of vocal improvisation by Juice Aleem from New Flesh. Begins promptly at 9.00pm.
SUNDAY 18 JUNE 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 20 JUNE 06 new art on the stair well DAVID CRANMER new art on the far wall ROSIE HANLON open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
FRIDAY 23 JUNE 06 >> basement audiovisuals texture and patterns by dithernoise. 060623.Dithernoise.jpg --------------------------------------------------------- the event is part of the London Biennale 2006 -------------------------------------------------------- SUNDAY 25 JUNE 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 27 JUNE 06 new art in the vaults MEIL ALDRIDGE new art on the bar wall JAIMIE WESTON new art in the library MATTHEW LAKE 060627.Matthew-Lake-Invite.gif open keyboard PIANO NIGHT >> basement EVRAH, STEVE and a bit of LIVE ART 060627.evrah2.jpg This month's guest artists: NICHOLA PEMBERTON - live drawing MARK JACKSON - live writing (will read/perform at the end of the evening) The artists will interact with live improvised music incidentally and adjunctivally provided by: Evrah (voice) David Fowler (percussion) Andy Knight (cornet, trumpet) Steve Moyes (electric guitar, cello, xaphoon) more information evrah atĘ evrah at
WEDNESDAY 28 JUNE 06 >>basement Openned
THURSDAY 29 JUNE 06 >>basement (till Saturday) 060629.frontprint.gif ARTNOTOIL Climate chaos is set to have a catastrophic effect on all of us, while hitting the poorest hardest. Oil is a curse that also fuels war, poverty and environmental destruction. Yet the companies most responsible are profiting handsomely, and they are still welcome it seems in many of our most prestigious public galleries and museums. Why? Art Not Oil is an exhibition and a campaign, committed to showing powerful political/ecological art, to seeing an end to oil sponsorship of the arts, and to helping build movements for climate justice both here and throughout the world. As well as work that looks at the negative impacts of fossil fuels, we welcome work that looks at positive alternatives and solutions. Send us your art - turn your visions, nightmares, anger and hope into creative resistance! email web 07708 794665 Art Not Oil is a project of London Rising Tide: See also Shell is the new sponsor of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award: we're lost for words (temporarily) 060629.backprint.gif
SUNDAY 02 JULY 06 060129.bailey.biglove3.jpg 8.00-8.30 ANDREW BAILEY STAND UP "an endearing yet deeply disconcerting performance artist whose dislocated sense of fun seems to come from a different planet" -william cook gaurdian guide 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 04 JULY 06 new art on the far wall KARL KRAFT open keyboard PIANO NIGHT >>basement (until Sunday) 0607040.drawingdrawing.jpg draw_drawing_ Thanks to everyone who participated in the first show draw_drawing_ in 2004. The participants came from all over the planet; 400 people sent me about 1000 drawings. We had all kind of feedback and praise. The opening night was beautiful, we had a lot of guests and lots of London Biennale artists. The night culminated with performances by David Medalla Adam Nankervis and Ernesto Sarezale, Claudia Balduzzi, Luna Montenegro and Adrian Fisher. The success naturally was trigged by the collective efforts conducted by everyone to collaborate side-by-side representing the particular modes of expression found in the different geographies. I couldn't not mention the optimistic wishes of Liliana Mercenario Pomeroy, form Cuernavaca capturing the essence of the project. We had all kinds of visitors hosted by Cecilia Madureira, who invigilated the gallery. The visitors loved it. A Graphic Design teacher complemented on the relevance of having a show with such variety of mannerisms; from different consideration of support, mediums towards many distinct inventiveness of making the line. As he said to me: 'I should bring all my students to make them aware what a drawing can be.' The response was so overwhelming that it made me think about doing it again. giacomo picca draw_drawing_2 You are invited to take part in the exhibition 'draw_drawing_2' as part of the London Biennale 2006. The exhibition will take place at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3JL, between 4th and 9th July 2006. The event is open to anyone who reads this. All you have to do is to make any drawing and send it to me by post, to: draw_drawing_2 19 Rumford House, Bath Terrace London SE1 6PW England You can send as many drawings as you like, at any time and it will be included in the exhibition. Also, you can forward this email to anyone who would like to participate in it. I would ask you to make a line drawing in any medium and any size not bigger then A3 (~30 cm x 44 cm), put your name, the date, the place and country where you are drawing on the same side of the drawing. If you want your name to be included on the invitation card, I have to receive your drawing by the 12 June 2006 otherwise; your name will be included in the electronic card. I am going to send as many cards as I can but if you want me to post some cards to you, could you please send me a stamped addressed envelope or give me an idea of another way to reach you. After the exhibition, the drawings are not going to be sent back but you can arrange to collect them. The drawings are going to be stored as a collection. If you need to contact me, click the link contact at: Performances: The exhibition will have 5 opening nights with performances. You are invited to send me an intention of performance and a proposal as soon as possible for schedule due to limited time for each night. The intention of this exhibition is to follow the journey of information through digital pathways-internet, see how far it propagates and how it returns-via post as a means of representation. It is an investigation into how the 'universal' written words open responses from experiences inhabiting particular spaces. How subjective experiences from different places are shared with other spaces: geographical spaces or mental spaces. It is an attempt to find out if a line really defines a boundary, if it is a sign for differences or similarities. As Heiddeger quotes: _a boundary is not that at which something stops but, - the boundary is that from which something begins its essential unfolding_ The boundaries of the Gallery will not be an end, not the final showing of the drawings. The visiting public will be invited to represent their own experiences and desires also - making and adding drawings throughout the show. The juxtaposition and accumulation of images that speak of the differences in realities intends to celebrate the diversity of cultures and societies and their individuality mediated through a common language, drawing. The idea is also to just appreciate a sense of joy mediated through the mark making and accumulation of lines, resulting in a drawing made by different people. Will we re-define notions of space by the process of accumulation? The exhibition is going to be held in July 2006 during the London Biennale 2006, reflecting the spirit of its founder, David Medalla.
SUNDAY 9 JULY 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 11 JULY 06 new art in the big room LIAM NEWNHAM new art in the vaults NIGEL AND SASHA new art on the bar wall GAIDA open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
SUNDAY 16 JULY 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 18 JULY 06 new art in the pink room BENJAMIN SPICER new art on the far wall CHARLOTTE LINDSAY open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
SUNDAY 23 JULY 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 25 JULY 06 new art in the vaults KIMBERLEY ALEXANDER open keyboard PIANO NIGHT
SUNDAY 30 JULY 06 8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
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