FRIDAY 30 04 04 >>bar floor DJ MICRONAUGHT >>basement EVRAH and friends improvised music and movement
SATURDAY 01 MAY 04 >>bar floor DJs PETE and MICK pete's last gig before he emigrates to ireland >>basement 040502.angelicmutation2.gif SONIC LOVE #2 Transcendent Sounds/Transgressive People featuring ANGELIC MUTATION Freek-beat electronica, found sounds, scorched earth jazz, cellos, flutes etc. etc. Mr.Angel leads a tag team of collaborators to create a sonic stir fry of mind melding proportions.
SUNDAY 02 MAY 04 >>bar floor 7-8 THE BARE LEG CLUB blip blip blop 8-8.30 ANTHONY BAILEY the rubber glove man 8.30 - 10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry >>basement 040502.pi.gif PIMUSIC
TUESDAY 04 MAY 04 New art in the library: RICHARD LAWRENCE New art on the bar wall: GEORGE PERENDIA New art in the ante room 040504.jelly4.jpg TRIPOD >>bar floor PIANO NIGHT open keyboard
WEDNESDAY 05 MAY 04 >>bar floor 7-11 040505.lightning.foundry.jpg MARCUS 7 - 11 with live laptop set 9 - 10 from New York's LIGHTNING FIELD
THURSDAY 06 MAY 04 >>bar floor BINGLYBONGLY binglybongly DJs with visuals, juggling musical genres with percussive, upbeat grooves to inspire and energise.
FRIDAY 07 MAY 04 >>bar floor REHABILITATION electronica night by Law and Auder
SATURDAY 08 MAY 04 >>bar floor CLIVE post hip hop punk
SUNDAY 09 MAY 04 >>bar floor 3-8 SLOW SOUND SYSTEM 8.30 - 10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 11 MAY 04 New art on the stair well: ANNA New art on the far wall: SAM New art in the basement 040504.field2.jpg FIELD Tracey Sanders-Wood Judi Friend Neil Stewart Jason Synnott Adrian Holme Cecilia Wilden Jenny Lock Andrea Muendelein Stephen Connolly Alex Lawton Mawdsley Claudia Pinto Joe Whitney curated by Paul Caton >>bar floor PIANO NIGHT open keyboard
WEDNESDAY 12 MAY 04 >>bar floor NORMAL
THURSDAY 13 MAY 04 >>bar floor GLOSS
FRIDAY 14 MAY 04 >>bar floor ALVA PARK
SATURDAY 15 MAY 04 >>bar floor CHURCH OF SUBGENIUS presents BOB'S BRA and PANTIES with THE FIGHTING COCKS SOUND SYSTEM london's only other gypsy band play jungle, ragga and gypsy wedding music PISS air guitar band KARAOKE DOMINATRIX POPE DAVID LEE BLACK
SUNDAY 16 MAY 04 >>bar floor 6 - 8 RIP TORN BITS 8 - 10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
TUESDAY 18 MAY 04 New art in the library: EEMYUN KING New art on the bar wall: JESSICA WILKES >>bar floor PIANO NIGHT open keyboard
WEDNESDAY 19 MAY 04 >>bar floor TIM'S BAND
THURSDAY 20 MAY 04 >>bar floor HYPNOGOGO
FRIDAY 21 MAY 04 >>bar floor MARCUS
SATURDAY 22 MAY 04 >>bar floor PLUG
SUNDAY 23 MAY 04 >>bar floor 6 - 8 040523.loopellington.jpg LOOP ELLINGTON Loop Ellington was born underground, while sat on a tube train, listening to Duke Ellington Mp3's. His big band were dropping sleazy brass riffs inducing life from the old chugging train. The screeching breaks and hissing doors defined a moment. A cultural memory resonated from the trans-continental express trains that Ellington's band rode, to the cut up laptop electronic scratching of today's musical innovators. Loop Ellington are based around 2 laptops, trumpet and a table of electronics to produce an evolving pattern of sound that is always re-inventing itself. They are inspired by the Dukes ability to mess with the head as well as the feet, crossing from experimental jazz clubs to the dance floor. :: info at 8 - 10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry
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