FRIDAY 02 04 04 >>bar floor 04.04.02.rehab2/4/4.jpg LAW and AUDER REHABILITATION Live UTABI (ADAADAT) MASTERBOT (debut live performance) inluding FREE MASKS! FREE CDS! THE DOUBTFUL GUEST (SEED) Resident DJ's DANCON1 and PETE STORMCROW John Peel's Record Label of the Month
SATURDAY 03 04 04 >>bar floor 040403.plug_april.gif PLUG DJs WILF_303 STAYHOME RECHARGE STICKI
SUNDAY 04 04 04 >>bar floor 6 - 8 NANCY Live! Pop! (aotherwise known as the Bare Leg Club) they make sound of future playground for bad punk boys and girl. It's good! for you. 8 - 8.30 INTERLUDE with ANTHONY BAILEY 8.30 - 10WELCOME TO WORMWORLD
TUESDAY 06 04 04 040406.lassoinvite.jpg New art in the library LASSO HOMINAL [adj: of humankind as a species; "the hominal kingdom"] A collection of images of boundary-restricted urban places. Isolated subjects as parts of fragmented narratives. Emotional responses to ambiguous scenarios in which a plethora of allegories reveal subconscious familiarity. Microcosmic self contained worlds, markings of territory and constructed scenes form the tableaux. New art in the vaults THE SCRAWLS OF WAR An exhibition of stencil graffiti art from the streets of Iraq and Palestine Arofish is a stencil graffiti artist who recently spent three months travelling through Iraq and Pakestan, painting on the walls and generally making a right mess, to the occasional annoyance of the occupying forces. The results are on display in the Foundry vault for the next two weeks. OPening night: tuesday. New art on the bar wall: BRUNO >>bar floor Piano night with Gabriel, Bob, Jeremy, Porno Paul, Andy Sax, Eleanor the Worm Lady and anyone else who wants to join in We have a baby grand piano and a fake Hammond Organ at your disposal
WEDNESDAY 07 04 04 >>bar floor DUNCAN + CHRIS live acoustic set
THURSDAY 08 04 04 >>bar floor TOM NOT AMBROSE
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